Hair Transplant Manila Philippines by Manzanares Hair Restoration CenterThank you for visiting our website! To better serve our patients, Manzanares Hair Restoration Center offers a new fast and easy way to get FREE consultations by simply filling out this online form. 

In order to address individual concerns, we have created this online consultation form which allows you to communicate directly with Dr. Frank Manzanares. Our free online consultations are conducted routinely and easily provide you with the same information that is given by attending our restoration center in person. Please completely fill out the form below and Dr. Frank will reply to you as soon as possible.

Please include also your current photographs by following our guidelines in uploading pictures:

  • Include your digital photos or scanned print photos with your normal hairstyle accentuating the thin or bald areas.  This includes views from the front, sides, back and top and should be taken with your hair dry.
  • To determine the correct location of your hairline, please ensure that your whole face is visible and have your hair combed back.
  • Use bright, natural room lighting. DO NOT USE camera flash.
  • Shoot from a distance of 3-5 feet away.
  • Images must not exceed 4MB in file size.

Size limit for each file is 100 MB

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