At Manzanares Hair Restoration Center, the most satisfying part after a hard day’s work is to receive testimonials from happy patients whose lives we have touched and changed so dramatically for the better. Here are some excerpts from letters of thanks from patients at Manzanares Hair Restoration Center:


“Dear Dr. Frank, Only 7 months have passed since you performed the magical transformation of the way I see myself. Prior to your work, I used to look in the mirror in the mornings, and then get depressed at my current state of baldness, looking very old and tired. I would never have believed that in such a short time you could have totally reversed this situation. Now, I am happy with what I see, and I look and feel many years younger. I have had so many positive comments from friends who are constantly telling me I look 10 to 20 years younger than I am! Thank you, and your cheerful staff, for making my life much more enjoyable. I am so pleased that I found your website, and experienced your hair transplant magic. I am giving unqualified recommendations to all of my friends who are feeling depressed about their baldness. Best wishes,” – Patient John W. - Australia (February 2013)

“The expert hands of Doc Kiko Manzanares will calm the nerves of any patient. His technique does not leave any noticeable scars. Also his slanted transplant technique gives the head hair roots deep and sturdy foundation unlike the vertical planting system which may easily make the transplanted hair fall off.” – Patient Atty. E.B. - San Diego, California

“When my hair started thinning, I was totally devastated. Thank goodness I found MHRC and Dr. Manzanares. I've had two in-office hair transplant procedures to restore my hair, and I couldn't be more pleased. Now, I don't see my scalp anymore after a shower when I brush my hair back. I'm styling my hair the way I used to several years ago. Thanks Dr. Frank. You’re such a wonder!” – Patient A.R.

“I restored my frontal hair loss at MHR Center! And I’m particularly pleased about the way Dr. Frank skillfully transplanted my existing hair to the no hair zone of my head for a very natural appearance. I no longer worry about my hair when working out and mingling with my friends. Dr. Manzanares made my wish to have my hair back a reality. I would recommend him personally to my colleagues.” – Patient E.Z.

“Hair restoration was a tough decision for me. But looking back, it was a lot tougher not making it. The feeling of having no hair is very humiliating for me! I wish I had done hair transplantation years before with Dr. Manzanares because the results speak for themselves and I feel great, actually.” – Patient D.M.

“No one ever saw me without a hat for two decades except for my wife. I missed out good things in my life because of my losing hair. Taking action at Manzanares Hair Restoration Center truly changed my life. I'm a lot more comfortable with myself now and I even want to show off my beautiful head full of hair with my circle of friends. I now realized that there is no such thing as a problem, only a solution - and I found mine with Dr. Frank.” – Patient J.P.

“Believe me; it is much more traumatic for a woman to lose hair. At first, I don’t care about it. But when I saw my hair is loosing tremendously, I got really panic. Then, I had a hair transplant procedure with Dr. Frank who was referred by my former classmate who was then a satisfied patient of him. It wasn't long before I had new, healthy hair growing which I felt very natural. When I went back for my check-up and saw my 'before' photos, I couldn't believe the improvement. I can't thank you enough, Dr. Frank. No words will complement how I gain my self-confidence again.” – Patient C.F.

“I first started noticing my hair loss in my early twenties but was in denial about the oncoming baldness as the years passed by. I tried different hairstyles, sprays that color the scalp, etc. Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw someone that was a lot older than I felt. My self-esteem was sinking to a full low. I am a lead vocalist from a country club band and spend most of my time on stage under lights. The scalp shows through and shines – what a heck! I bumped into an old performer who used to wear a wig, and he now has hair. I talked to him and asked how he did it. He simply answered, “It was Dr. Frank!” I immediately dropped a call to MHR Center and scheduled a consultation with Dr. Frank. Going to MHR Center was the greatest investment I’ve ever made. Now, I can perform without that aggravating feelings I used to when I was then a bald-headed guy. Thank you so much, Dr. Manzanares!” – Patient E.R.

"I've tried several hair loss products for quite a few years. Their advertising are great but the effectiveness of their products is a BIG scam for me! Until I found Dr. Frank. My new hairs are now beginning to get thicker and more dense. The top back part of my head is filling in quickly. I'm not surprised that I feel younger as now I'm not feeling like I don't have a chance at having my youthful hair again. Thank you so much, Dr. Manzanares! P.S. A little concern for you guys - don't let yourself be fooled with hair loss products on the market today specially the ones being advertised as infomercials on home TV shopping channels. You gotta let your money being robbed! I've experienced it so don't be fooled like I was." – Patient G.R.

“This is a little note to say how pleased I am with my hair transplants. I now take my hair for granted and wear it naturally the way I like and nobody knows the difference. Two years ago, I received my first replacement and was quite apprehensive because of my occupation as a Sales Manager. But all went well at MHR Center. I would recommend MHR Center and especially Dr. Frank to any one in need of high quality hair transplantation. I tell you honestly it was worth every centavo.” – Patient K.N.

“In the few months that I have had my hair transplant, I have found the replacement to be amazing. I did not make the decision to go with a hair replacement until lately. I used to apply Rogaine for almost two years with roughly no apparent results and also tried Propecia but to no avail. I looked into such medical procedures as hair transplants with MHR Center. At first, I was skeptical because I’m afraid for my scalp will turn only as a “corn-row” look just like the experienced of my friend who has his hair transplantation years ago in the U.S. Now, I am confident that I made the right decision with Dr. Frank and the MHR Center. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. Thanks a lot.” – Patient S.D.

"I selected Manzanares Hair Restoration Center after an exhaustive search via the Internet and personal visits to other hair restoration clinics. Well, anyone losing their hair knows, it’s worth everything! Hair loss robbed me of my youth. I worked out daily, yet I still felt old, and I got tired of people guessing me to be older than I was. I got tired of trying to comb over my baldness at age 24. It just wasn't fair. For so many people on the planet I would ask, “Why me?” I always dreamed of one day having what we all know as 'bed head.' And you know what? I now do! And I am so grateful when someone comments that my hair is sticking up. I personally thanked Dr. Frank for an amazing hair transplant he have done for me! My self-esteem is through the roof and I can’t believe it’s true!” – Patient D.O.

“Since my high school days, I loved to pluck my eyebrows for I think it was an art. Now that I’m a professional, I noticed that my eyebrows started to get thin that even my colleagues stare at me looking at my eyebrows and say, “Your eyebrows really getting thinner and thinner, what are you doing, huh?!” Then, one of my friends recommends MHR Center of Dr. Frank. I got no wasted time and immediately schedule an eyebrow transplant with Dr. Frank. I was really amazed with the result! Thank you very much Dr. Frank. I owe you a lot.” – Patient A.J.

“Hello Dr Frank! I really love flaunting my fabulous eyelashes. No more extensions and falsies for me. Thank you so much! My girl friends are jealous so I'm referring them to you.” – Patient J.L. (Rockwell, Makati)

“I've always wanted Betty Boop eyes and now I have them. Thanks, Doc Frankie! Blink,blink!” – Patient Red D. (Sorsogon)


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