Hair Transplant Manila Philippines by Manzanares Hair Restoration CenterThe graft growth time chart below lists common experiences by our patients after a hair transplant procedure. This is provided to give you an idea of what to expect during the different stages of post-operation recovery. However, this time chart is not exact and serves only as ideal time chart for graft growth. Possible outcomes may vary depending on individual results.




1 - 7 days

Pain can be felt within the first 24 hours. However, it is tolerable with the aid of our prescribed medicine. Average patients experience mild to moderate swelling on the forehead and upper eyelid area. Swelling usually peaks in 48 hours. Scabs will form around the transplanted grafts starting on the first day and will be present until the end of the first week. Redness will be experienced around the transplanted area.

8 - 14 days

If instructions are followed carefully, the scabs will now be coming off. Most, if not all, scabs should be gone by the end of the second week. Stubbles of hair will now be noted on the area once occupied by the scabs. Redness around the transplanted area will now have changed to a slight pinkish color. Suture will be removed after the second week.

3 weeks


At this time, the transplanted hair may start to shed. The grafts enter a temporary dormant phase. At the end of third or fourth week, most, if not all, transplanted hair may have fallen out. Some patient may experience "hair shock" (grafts placed in hair bearing area may thin-out temporarily). This is quite normal.

1 - 3 months

Within this period, patients will experience various degrees of hair growth. Some will notice stubbles growing around second month. Most will experience new hair growth three months after surgery. Initially, newly-grow hair is fine and thin. However, this will thicken over time.

4 - 6 months

Most, if not all, hair should be growing by now. The new hair should be approximately 1 to 2 inches in length. The hair shaft will now be thicker. Patients are able to do some degree of styling with the new hair.

7 - 10 months

Patients are now adopting a new hair style. Hair will now be longer and thicker. The over-all appearance will show greater hair density as compared before you had a procedure with us.

1 year

Patients are now experiencing the maximum effect of hair transplant procedure. One would have experienced a number of hair cuts already and appreciate a new hair style. The end result is your own natural hair growing the way nature created hair to look, feel and grow.  

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